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Hi there,

I’m Mark and thank you for your interest in Mark Rich Photography’s custom portraiture!

My wife, Judy, and I recently moved back to the Boise area with our four children ages 1 1/2 – 7 years old. I grew up here in Idaho and have returned after living out of state for about 13 years. It feels so good to be home! Judy grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin before moving to Colorado with her family when she was 12. She has been won over by the kindness and warmth of my fellow Treasure Valley natives, as I new she would be (so, thank you very much!).

Rich Family Portrait

Mark & Judy with their four children

6 Embarrassing things about me:

  1. I often fail to remember important dates (like when it’s my wife’s first Mother’s Day!).
  2. I’m the world’s worst Saran Wrap tearer-offer (yeah, I know that’s technically not a word, but this is America. We make words up all the time!)
  3. In my former life I was a really good procrastinator. (I just can’t seem to be able to put things off like I used to.)
  4. In high school my nickname was “Screech”. (Think “Saved By The Bell”. Yeah.)
  5. I’m the world’s worst “leaver”. (2nd pretend word.)
  6. I once thought this pretty girl was my girlfriend for almost a whole week before we got things straightened out! No, it wasn’t in the sixth grade… I was 23. Don’t worry about it, though. She decided to keep the title and now knows for sure that she’s my wife. At least I think so…



Growing up, my family didn’t have a lot of portraits taken, not even many snapshots, really. I missed not having more portraits of our family, especially of us all together. I’m the oldest of the 5 kids in my family and only one of my siblings still lives nearby. The few family portraits we have are invaluable to us. Growing up, I also had a great pull toward art & creativity. At some point I realized that the artistic bent I had could be satisfied with photography. I threw myself headlong into it, learning all I could & excitedly spending whole paychecks on film & developing.

That was 15 short years ago. Today, I count it an immense pleasure that I am blessed to photograph families of all sizes and backgrounds. In a sense, I bring to them something I had missed while growing up – beautiful family portraiture to be cherished for generations to come. And at Mark Rich Photography, I’ve striven to offer the best quality portrait products for my clients so one day even their great grandchildren will have something to look back on and treasure.

As I photograph families from all walks of life, I’m always intrigued in the myriad ways that we are all so alike. The strongest bond we all share as parents is our love for our families, especially our children. Until I became a parent I never understood a father’s love. How could I? Now that I have my own children I’m amazed at the depth of love and compassion I feel for them. And they’re growing so fast! It seems like yesterday we were welcoming our oldest, Eliza, into our family. Now she’s already getting ready for the third grade!

It feels like I just blinked & here we are. I’m afraid that if I blink again she’ll be finishing school or going off to college or getting married and I’ll wonder where all the time went. Maybe you can relate with me. As we see our children growing and surging toward adulthood, how can we remember them as they are now for just a while longer? How can we look back and savor the uniqueness of who they are today when they’ve grown up & moved out, or, like my family, moved away?

When we invest in family portraiture, we all know we’re not buying pieces of canvas or fancy paper. We’re investing in memories. Memories that grow ever more invaluable as our family matures. That’s what drives me to create great family portraits for my clients. Because I know that what I’m doing will last and have a long term effect on each of my clients & their entire families.

I take what I do seriously, too. I will strive to create the best family portrait you’ve ever had. In fact, if you don’t absolutely love your portrait, I’ll either create another for you or return your money – your choice. I feel confident that I can offer such a promise because I’ve never had a disappointed client. Actually, quite the opposite. Most of my clients love their family portraits so much some actually cry when I present them their portraits.

Please call me today and lets create your family’s next portrait together. I promise, you and your family will be glad you did.


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