Photo Tip of the Week! – August 27th

Meridian Family Photographer Tip of the Week

Welcome back to the Photo Tip of the Week!

Last week we talked about how getting closer to your subject (your kids/friends/spouse/dog/etc.) can really help improve your pictures.

This week we’ll talk about how backing away from your subject can help improve your photography. I know, I know. How can completely opposite pieces of advise both help? I’m glad you asked! It all depends on context and what meaning you want to convey. 

Say you’re with some friends at the fair and you want to snap off some fun little selfies. No problem, hold your camera/phone out & snap away. You’ll show up nice and close & everyone will probably be able to tell you’re having a great time at the fair.

Now, pretend you’re with some friends visiting the Grand Canyon. The little selfie isn’t going to work. Why not? Because no one will be able to tell where you are very well & they’ll completely miss the massiveness of the Grand Canyon. In this situation, you’ll definitely want someone to snap that shot off for you. What if you were visiting the Paris and the Eiffel Tower? Same deal. Back up to get the whole story in the shot. Spelunking off a 100′ waterfall? You get the idea, right? Of course you do!

In certain situations getting back far enough is important to telling the story of your picture. Other times getting close and personal is best. You just need to decide what you want to communicate when you’re taking your picture.

Hope that helps someone! Until next time…


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