Our Guarantee To You

I aim to provide you and your family with the finest portraits you’ve ever had. Taking pride in my workmanship means allowing myself the time required to artfully enhance each portrait so I can personally hand you something not only you will treasure, but your grandchildren as well.

But creating great portraiture doesn’t start in the darkroom. Before your portrait session ever starts we will have met to chat together about your goals and desires for your session. We will have had a conversation about who will be there and what makes them who they are. Our conversation will have touched on where you’re most likely to display your new keepsakes, what colors and outfits would work best, and why now is an important time to preserve your family’s spirit.

Boise Family Photographer

To help ensure you are relaxed, I never charge for portrait sessions on a time basis. During our session I will do whatever is necessary to get the perfect portrait of you and your family. Sometimes this means taking a few extra minutes to allow a child to explore the world around him. Or listening as she tells me a story about her day.

“Stopping to smell the roses” is more than a cliché; it should be a way of life, at least in some small way. Taking our time during the session means everyone can feel good about what we’re doing because, ultimately, I’m there to help you look back at the important things in life 20 years or more down the road. By the time the day of your session arrives I’ve found a great location and scouted the most flattering time of day to have your session in that particular location. If you choose to have your portraits done in the comfort of your home, I will have previously visited you to find great spots around your property, and discovered the best time of day as well.

After the conclusion of our session, I will painstakingly select and edit the best photographs from your session. Unlike many other portrait studios, we professionally, and artfully, enhance and retouch each and every image you will see in your image presentation. Your image presentation will also take place in the comfort of your own home, displayed on a large screen so you can fully enjoy them and relive those happy moments with your family.

My guarantee to you is this: If you don’t absolutely love the photographs I have created for you and your family, I will do whatever I can to make it right or completely refund your session fee with no further obligation to you. You will not be forced to make any further purchases and I will do my best to completely refund your money as promptly as possible. However, I’m certain you will love your portraits so much that you will want to invest in every last one, as many of my past clients have confessed.

That’s my guarantee and I proudly stand by it. Please give me a call today at 928-6285 and put me to work to preserve your family’s memories.


Mark Rich
Owner and Photographer, Mark Rich Photography

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