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This week’s portrait session blog post features as charming and friendly a family as you will find! The Disneys had purchased a session from a charity auction I had donated to and were looking to update their family’s portraits. And it had been a long time since their last portraits, so it was a real pleasure for me to work with them. Their fun personalities didn’t hurt, either!

Normally I keep these posts short and sweet, but I think this one deserves a little better treatment because the Disneys were so incredible!

Dan & Lena especially wanted a portrait with the wheat fields rolling off into the sky. No problem! We knew just the place, and (Bonus!) it was close to their house, too. But there was just one itsy bitsy problem. The day I was going out to double check on our wheat field I got a call from Lena. She had driven by the field on her way home that day to find that the wheat had just been harvested! And I did not know of a backup spot that would be exactly what she was looking for. Yikes!

A few days go by and I text Lena about some other possibilities. She says they might have found something. I immediately drove down to check it out. It was perfect! After speaking with the farmer about it, I learned that they were only a couple days from harvesting this field, too! He also told me this field & the other one were the only two in the valley that will give us what we’re looking for.

After calling Dan and Lena we decide to jump on the opportunity. The next day they showed up, braving 98 degree temps, to get their shot. I think it was worth it. What do you think? Oh, and as a bonus, our friendly farmer also had beautiful blossoming echinacea plants for us to use.

Eagle Family Photographer  Portrait Studio in Meridian

Eagle Family Photographer Portrait Studio in Meridian

Eagle Family Photographer Portrait Studio in Meridian

Dan and Lena, you and your kids were amazing! Thanks for your patience and partnership to create these portraits. I hope you and your family treasure these for years to come!


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